Dra Domenique - Porto, London

Domenique Heidy

Domenique Heidy is graduated in Multimedia Production, Photographer and Fashion Design; however, her passions do not end there. She is graduated in Dentistry, and nowadays, she is studying Orthodontics, and she is also specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and Dermocosmetology.

Daughter of a Brazilian father and a Lusitanian mother, she was born in Brasil and spent her childhood in Rio de Janeiro. When she was 8, she got astonished, when her father gave her her first computer. She used to love painting, drawing, music, but her dream was to be a dentist. That was the beginning of a multiple talented professional, with entrepreneurial sense and incomparable sensitivity.

In early adolescence, she moved to Portugal, and she had the opportunity to meet her Lusitanian family. It was a change of continent, customs, but it was also a blend of the “ginga carioca” with the slightness and sentimentality of the Portuguese “Fado”. And there, she became a determined businesswomen, wise, and capable of reinventing herself everyday.

It was in Portugal that Domenique has graduated in Multimedia, and with a Keen awearness, she started to excell professionally. She won photography prizes in Magazines like “O mundo da fotografia digital” and she had award works in webpages dedicated to art, like the website “Olhares”. She was hired to fashion events, advertising photos, and beyond that, she made some digital art exhibitions. She was being successful in her career, but there was something missing…to make her girlhood dream come true: to be a Medical Dentist.

She used to do many things at the same time, so, with no doubt, she started her major in Dentistry at the “Universidade Católica”, and that was another profession which she would dedicate herself with the same intensity and determination already present in her professional and multitalented life.

In 2013, Domenique decided to live in London. In a place with a different language, a culturally instigating city that is a synonym of diversity, and of course, a perfect place to be aware of fashion trends. A restart, new discoveries, new challenges, and it couldn’t be better for a person who lives intensively.

And Domenique did not lose time. The first projects came up very soon in the land of the queen. Nowadays, she works with top brands like L’ORÉAL Paris, Michael Kors, Zara, Dior, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Mark Jacob’s and this list is increasing. It’s the natural way for a competent professional who never missed a business opportunity, and is always with a smile in her face and a brilliant idea in her head.

She took part in fashion events in Spain, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, and UK.

In the Medical field, Dr Domenique has created a website specially dedicated to healthy topics, where she promotes her work, provides important information, and offers help to lots of patients. Visit the website: drdomenique.com 
Text by Cris Henriques
Translation by Danielle Figueredo


“Be positive and remember, when you love life, life will love you back. And even tho we have many obstacles in life, everything will find its way and solved to the way it should be. It might seem hard at the certain times, never loose hope, if you can believe it you can achieve it! Be strong and brave to overcome all the obstacles in life!”

Domenique Heidy